Shrutkeerti thakur
Shrutkeerti Thakur

Everybody has his or her geographical identity, but mine is a little different. Both of my parents are from different states of India and both worked in cosmopolitan institutions – Father in NIT Silchar, and mother in Kendriya Vidyalaya.

The family atmosphere has always been far from regionalism. It is a very common question that I have been asked: “Where are you from?” For a while, I keep lull and then reply: “Am an Indian.” I’m born and spent my early years in Silchar, Assam, finished schooling in Delhi and did graduation & post-graduation from Bhopal. I don’t know any regional languages and can speak and write only Hindi and English, which are familiar to most of the Indians. I have traveled to Delhi Mumbai, Indore, Jamshedpur, and Akola spent a long time in Silchar & Delhi, again returned to Delhi for a certification course.

Truly speaking, I believe that all the places have their unique features. I have lived in many cities, having good & bitter experiences. Leaving Delhi, I came to Bhopal and gradually as is human nature, I adopted its environment. 

Gradually I started loving Bhopal city. I came to the conclusion, “Small is beautiful”. However, area wise Bhopal is not small and it is also expanding its area gradually but I feel that it is small in the sense that it is not overcrowded like Delhi or Mumbai. It should be considered a developing city and it is growing to be a good city. It is achieving perfection in all aspects of a city. Residing in this city, I felt that everything is within my reach. Nature has blessed this city with seventeen lakes, a forest, fertile land, a good climate, etc. Further, less population makes it relatively free from pollution and crime, etc.


Bhopal has been proclaimed as a clean city in the nation according to the cleanliness survey commissioned by the Union Urban Development ministry. Bhopal is peaceful, people live in communal harmony and it enjoys. Bhopal got the position of the second cleanest city in India and is also one green city enriched with forests and lakes. Very soon I am coming back to recapture those shadows of mine on the waves of the lake, my footprints on the narrow roads of the hills proceeding towards different temples. Don’t wait for me and proceed towards progress and perfection. In short, I must say Bhopal is emerging as one of the most promising and happening cities of India and I love it from the core of my heart. 


As this is my Informative Blog, And I will try to put more information on other states, cover and try to put everything in a detailed way.