About The Author – Short Biography of Shrutkeerti Thakur

Sharing my Small Bio –

About The Author - Short Biography of Shrutkeerti Thakur


Everybody is having a Geographical identity. It is a very common question that has been asked: “Where are you from?” For a while, I kept lull then answered – “Am Indian.” I’m born and brought up in Assam (Silchar) and finished schooling in Delhi, Graduation & post-graduation in Bhopal.

I don’t know any regional languages but I can speak and write only Hindi and English, Familiar with all Indian languages but not expertise acquired from any side because I traveled to Delhi, Mumbai now based in Bangalore city. This is all about me.

I am a kind of foodie person, even I know cooking but only the desert part to whom I’m more expert hahaha :p. 

My Food & Recipes on Deserts

I use basic, everyday ingredients, with attention to fresh fruit, good quality chocolate, real vanilla, and pure butter. I don’t believe that baking and cooking should be out of reach to people, and strive to share recipes.

My Blog – Foodie India’s Famous Cuisines

When I started the blog, I had little concept blogging would begin because it did, and I’m happy that numerous people are engaging with me through the blog and social media.

Interacting with readers through the comments has been quite a learning experience and I’m thrilled to possess readers from all around the world, who are as intensely curious about Food, Travel, and Cooking as I am!

All text, entire details of restaurants, street food details, photographs of the food are clicked by me.

So enjoy the blog and check out to share if you wish it.