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Bandhani Salwar Suits

Bandhani has gained popularity among girls. Bandhani is additionally called the heritage of Indian textile trade. Bandhani is legendary for its material providing comfort and easiness in sporting. Bandhani print is offered in Sarees, shalwar suit and chaniya choli. the foremost regular wear is shalwar suit. Bandhani print shalwar tunic is in demand among women principally throughout summer. Bandhani shalwar suits deprive the ladies from the hotness of summer. Among India, there’s city-wise totally different material of Bandhani like Rajasthani Bandhani, Jamnagar Bandhani, etc.


Bandhani comes in an exceedingly sort of colors, styles & patterns and these variations are region-specific. the colors that are most prominently utilized in Bandhani are yellow, red, green, blue and black. when the process is over, Bandhani work results into a spread of symbols together with dots, waves, stripes, and squares.

The patterns include Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali, and Shikari betting on the way within which the fabric has been tied.


The outfits comprise Khombi, Patori, Gharchola, and Chandrokhani. Bandhej work is often seen on Sarees, Kurtas, trousers tunic, and Chaniya cholis. The styles embody Ekdali (single knot), Trikunti (three knots), Chaubandi (four knots), Dungar Shahi (mountain pattern), Boond (small dot with a dark center), Kodi (teardrop-shaped) and Laddu Jalebi (Indian sweets). totally different|completely different} colors transmit different meanings in Bandhani.

Wearing attire

Simple Bandhani salwar kameez are everyday wear for several. Sarees with Leheriya patterns are sometimes worn for day-time ceremonies whereas Ghatchola lehengas & sarees are worn for occasions in the dark. Bandhej dupattas with plain white salwar kameez are very talked-about among young ladies. Bandhej Sarees may be worn by operating ladies for an ideal style statement, nevertheless keeping it refined.

Bandhani salwar kameez
Bandhani salwar kameez

Global attractiveness

Bandhani is actually an art and it’s a typical sight to examine not solely ladies carrying outfits of Bandhej however also the men will be found carrying turbans with Bandhej motifs. the most market is in Gujarat however it’s being sold-out everywhere India because the demand has accrued over the past few decades. The sales increase throughout the marriage and joyous seasons. Mostly, it’s used as odhnis by the women on festivals.




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