Famous Street & Restaurant Food Of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

  • Poha and Mawa Jalebi at Raju Tea Stall, Bhopal

If you’re in the mood for a few vegetarian goodnesses, the primary place you ought to head out to is Raju Tea Stall, Located on the 123, Anapuran Building,  Ground Floor, Sultania Rd, near Ambedkar Library, Fatehgarh, Bhopal.

Famous Street Foods Of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh It’s always crowded and noisy here. Fresh, hot, moist, light and spicy Bhopali Poha garnished with a generous helping of Crispy Sev and served with some oh-so-yummy Mawa Jalebis, it’s bound to teleport you to food heaven.

Poha Jalebi is that the most famous breakfast which will be found everywhere M.P. Famous Street Foods Of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh the Poha serves this delicacy in Bhopal, making it a luxurious and memorable breakfast that’s light, enjoyable, delicious and easy on the pocket. Wash it down with a piping hot cup of Suleimani chai, and you’ll face all the troubles of the day head-on.

Poha and Mawa Jalebi at Raju Tea Stall, Bhopal
Poha and Mawa Jalebi at Raju Tea Stall, Bhopal


  • Bhopali Paan

Paan is the traditional Indian thanks to ending a meal in vogue. it is loved and consumed everywhere in the country, and every region adds its own unique touch to the paan.

Bhopali paan is extremely famous everywhere in the country, and once you are here, this is often not something you want to miss. it’s a pastry made up of betel nut, full of chuna, kattha and supari, and a generous dollop of gulkand.

Paan-making is taken into account art in Bhopal and is a component of the local culture. it’s usually consumed as a mouth freshener though people are often found chewing paan throughout the day.

Bhopali Paan
Bhopali Paan

I’ll surely recommend!! the standard of the food is unbelievably good. A must-visit for each Bhopalite. Enjoyed the evening thoroughly. excellent service by Waiter Monu .excellent food.

The ambiance is often improved upon.recommended for continental food. If someone is checking out the great restaurant they’re primarily trying to find the standard and taste, right! so let me tell you about the taste 1st…

I find it so so, it had been not that great, but it depends on your taste too. a number of my friends, the taste was good. Though we ordered the sole non-veg veg is additionally there on the menu.

RAW the Restrobar by Chef AJ
RAW the Restrobar by Chef AJ

Nice view, because it is on the 3rd floor(food court) Store no R-1, Third Floor, Arera Hills, Dainik Bhaskar Mall, DB Mall Square of DB CITY MALL.

1000₹ for two people.

A very nice place in DB mall to possess dinner.

Nice music, ambiance, and lighting are soothing and therefore the food is different but nice. Had a sangria with the lamb boti kebab. The kebab was made during a Chettinad quite style. Also, the washroom was clean. Good place. Must-Visit, If you like Nonveg item and Veg Item, You may find in this place. Feel free to visit here. They maintain hygiene. 

You can find different sorts of food up here, but only vegetarian options are available. the standard and quantity are great. Nice place to feast your taste buds. Great sort of fast food. But got to take care of hot pans and Kadai. Great taste.

Best hawker corner in Bhopal. Some dishes here are alright like mawa bati with rabri and tea here is amazing. trying to find something which you’ll fill your hunger but not within the mood of heavy food then this is often the place to go to. One of the well-known places within the city for its street food. many shops are available to serve different types of tastes.

The very famous mawabatti with the rabbi is awesome. Reasonable price range causes you to easier for this place. The place was a touch crowded. The parking lot is additionally not sufficient. Personally, I think it’s highly recommending the place in the city to go to a minimum of once.

I tried Dal Bafla (Rs.100) for the very first time and that I really liked the dish. Dal Bafla is spicy dough balls made up of five different grains, that’s first boiled in water, then baked over coal embers and eventually deep-fried in ghee and is eaten alongside Dal. it is a very healthy and wholesome dish.

We tried this at 6 No. Hawkers Corner Bhopal. and therefore the taste was really exquisite. Bafla were served with Dal, Baigan Ka Bharta , Churme ka Laddu and Curry. We’re not a lover of eggplant but the bharta served with the Bafla was really amazing and that we ate it with pure joy. As a dessert, we tried Mawa Bati (Rs.20) * Flat Hot Gulab Jamun * served with mawa ( cold rabri ) which was quite good.

Great Place for veg street food, you’ll have multiple choices for starters & Deserts. you’ll find all the mouth-watering items there like Aloo Tikki, Chaat, Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Indian style Chinese dishes, kulfi then on. Best for Jalebis (must try) and tea lovers. Must Visit!

They’re such a lot to eat here. a group of with a spread of dishes.

It starts at around 3 pm and goes till 11 pm.
If u love momos, visit Food Hub, they serve only veg but one among the simplest momos in Bhopal.

Manohar Dairy & Restaurant offers a good sort of dishes starting from Bhopal street food delights like curries, Chinese (the Indian version of it), South Indian and a lot of sweets to bite into.

Manohar Dairy & Restaurant, Bhopal
Manohar Dairy & Restaurant, Bhopal
Manohar Dairy & Restaurant, Bhopal
Manohar Dairy & Restaurant, Bhopal

The special thali served at this restaurant may be a must taste, because it offers you all the famous food of Bhopal compressed into one thali. Once you’re done tasting the thali, enjoy some rasmalai or gulab jamun after lunch to finish your meal here.

Tip: This place is a regular foodie visitors, who want a variety of snacks, it’s all available, hygienic and the most delicious, along with Pocket-friendly pricing.



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