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Bhopali’s Foodie

Bhopal, the town of lakes, the heart Indian state Madhya Pradesh. it’s one of the foremost peaceful and green cities in India. The city features a mix influence of the Hindu’s & Muslims, Mughalsit is often easily seen within the architecture of the town.

The fusion of Hindu & Muslim culture will provide you with strong culinary vibes to explore food. The city will provide you with huge food varieties for all kinds of meals, from an easy Poha-Jalebi to Chole Bhature, from Masala Chai (Tea) to Pasta’s and Pizza’s your food orgasm is going to be on top of your food journey at Bhopal.

Trust me the town has such a lot of food to supply, your stomach will invite a food hack 😉

Let us get on board to the present beautiful journey of

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