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"Lehenga Choli"

“Lehenga Choli “- Indian Classy Wear Traditional

Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear, it is a very common Indian dress for special occasions like marriages, parties or auspicious occasions. I tried it many times and captured on my mobile camera. It is the best traditional and modern outfit for party wear or bridal wear. It is also known as Gagra choli or Ghagra Cholis. “Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear the attire of tribal has become popular not just in India but is throwing its miracle on western ladies as well. “Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear, a classic creation of Rajasthan, lehenga choli is among the most center of the appeal of celebrations and events. This women’s ethical dress in is famous by diverse titles Ghagra Choli. It is “Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear and elegant to wear for all occasions, this clothing is convenient to carry. A lehenga or ghagra is a pleated skirt and it is worn out using a short or long, with stitched and fixed blouse. Choli (blouse) is generally small fitted to give you a perfect attractive appearance. Dupatta isn’t mandatory but indeed it will embellish the good thing about your clothing collection. Designer Dupatta pops up in several stunning colors with fancy styles. Dupatta could be covered in unique styles. “Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear Newest hanging design and style is wrapped it around the arms to create a distinctive style. Embroideries add-on allure towards the brocade. Hand mirror work, Zari, Gotta, Meenakari, Kundan and Resham work seems purely fantastic.“Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear,  Creative designers will work on pieces and designs. Fashionable Lehengas show up in fish cuts, that are small to the leg, however, require a distort. Wedding brides generally go for this clothing for that wedding day. Classy wear “Lehenga Choli” – Indian Traditional Wear designer Indian wedding put on includes wonderful designs.”Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear Designer Indian bridal wear includes wonderful patterns. Girls choose the vibrant color of Lehenga Choli for raas occasions. Allow it a bit westernized appearance, this “Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear has gone through a transformation. New arrivals contain special designs and styles. High fashion collection with various necklines and slices and sleeveless strapped Choli. So, young ladies what are you expecting. Get out there and search for some wonderful cultural stylish Lehenga Choli. The most recommended Indian clothing put on in Indian wedding ceremonies would be the Ghagra cholis also referred to as Lehenga Choli.”Lehenga Choli”- Indian Classy – Traditional wear ghagra or lehenga as it’s also known as following fittings: A-cut, Straight cut, Umbrella cut, Fish cut & Mermaid cut.

Types of Ghagra Choli- Wedding Ghagra choli, Bridal Ghagra choli, Party Wear Ghagra choli, Traditional Ghagra choli.

  • Bridal Ghagra choli

    A wedding is an auspicious occasion once the apparel demands keen attention. throughout a modern wedding, the brides have a large type of Indian bridal dresses opt for} and choose Indian bridal wear. Ghagra Choli or Lehenga choli is that the most most popular one. The rich colors used for bridal ghagra choli are symbolic of celebration/fertility. gold-bearing yarn is historically used on the Lehenga choli. throughout the particular marriage ceremony, conducted ahead of the fire, the motifs and also the colors of the ensemble glow. In Northern India, the foremost most popular bridal wear is the ghagra choli or Lehenga choli as it is some times known as designer bridal lehenga choli. In the geographical region, brides wear a Paithani saree, terrific Lehnga, and scarf with its gold brocade border woven in an elaborate way with birds, flowers and geometrical patterns. alternative woven saris from this region, likeChanderis, Indoris, and Maheshwari’s additionally typing a part of the getup with yellows, orange and greens being the dominant colors. The ensemble of the Muslim bride from Hydria is that the zari-encrusted blouse with a lehenga. The veil (dupatta) is edged with gold tassels and decorated everywhere. Tissues and brocades are utilized in abundance. Wearing of bridal ghagra choli is a fashion with lasting values and wealthy workmanship.

  • Party Wear Ghagra choli

    Ghagra choli or Lehenga choli is the most most well-liked party wear of youngsters. Most of the necessary guests at weddings are in a very ghagra choli. The ghagra choli is worn to mark important occasions and festivals. The Indian ghagra choli is worn at main occasions like Mehendi, dandiya/sangeet, the marriage ceremony and also reception. Outfits for girls like the ‘Indian Ghagra or Lehenga – choli’ brings out the essence of feminism. Embroidered Indian ghagra choli is noted around the globe. it’s one in all the oldest type of Indian wear.
    The young generation has evolved the standard choli to the strapless shirt, alimentary paste top and tube prime.

  • Traditional Ghagra choli

    The traditional dress for girls in Rajasthan and Gujarat is that the lehenga choli or ghagra choli, however, is seen everywhere in the country. These cholis are bright adorned, waist-length barebacked blouses. Indian ghagra cholis, lehengas are gathered ankle-length skirts secured around the waist. the apparel is completed by a veil – cloth referred to as odhni or dupatta draped across the neck or over the top. The Indian lehenga choli is one in all the foremost colorful Indian wear, adding energy and color to the encompassing landscapes. tribal ladies in these spaces adorn themselves from head to toe with chunky silver jewelry.

    Indian Fashion DupattaIndian fashion dupatta no additional a conventional wear, however, has entered the arena of the fashion world. it’s identified by varied names like Chunni, Chunari, and Odhni. Ideally, it had been robbed by Indian ladies to adorn their head whereas giving prayers within the temple. Even now, the ladies in rural areas cover their head with a chunaria as an emblem of respect towards elders. the simplest a part of Dupatta is that you simply will wrap it around with almost every wardrobe whether or not classic ethnic vogue or stylish Indo western. in reality, ethnic outfits are fully incomplete without it.

    Dupatta adds grace to the garment. they come up altogether bright spirited colors with lovely beads and mirror work. after we observe Dupattas, the primary immediate thought that involves mind is of Lal Dupattas of Rajasthan with elegant tie and dye prints popularly called Laharia. These Lal Dupattas look merely amazing, especially on white-colored suits.



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