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Shopping malls and Shopping Areas of Bhopal

Bhopal would be a wonderful experience; the major place is Shopping malls and Shopping Areas of Bhopal. Bhopal has many multi-store, shopping malls. Bhopal would be a wonderful experience, the major Shopping Areas of Bhopal. Vegetables and fruits and all type of household products can be available on doorsteps by online, home delivery is also in Bhopal.

Shopping Malls are

Aashima mall, Bhopal

Aashima mall superb structure and very popular mall, for entertainment, are also available like cinemas, food court, children playing area, like the ameba, everything is well organized in the mall.

Db City Mall

DB City Mall is a Dainik Bhaskar group. There are 3 basements and 3 on-floor cars, two-wheeler parking managed properly by Main Parking Services.” The mall area is 125,000 square meters. It is the largest Shopping center, Dine, Fun, Attractions, Hotel, Events, Movies & Entertainment mall in central India.

Aura Mall in Bhopal

The Mall is beautiful and reliance fresh is also there for shopping. The PVR Cinemas is also in Bhopal. The sound quality is very good. Shopping, Food Court, Jewelry Shop, Electronics, Fashion & Restaurant.

C21 Shopping Mall

The C21 mall is fully organized for the retailing purpose, it also made biggest & beautiful snow parks of India presenting a brand-new experience, attracting people of Bhopal and nearby places.


Drishti plaza offers customers convenient shopping that is designed to satisfy all their expectations as well as requirements, it offers retail store in addition to well-known top-quality products for fashion, beauty cosmetics, food, health, fitness, entertainment & lifestyle, it continues to be designed to profit the consumers & store owners as well.

Shopping Areas market of Bhopal-

New Market Bhopal

New Market offers shopping items like handicrafts, silver jewelry, bead-work, embroidered velvet items, leather goods gold and silver thread embroidery, etc.

Bittan Market Bhopal

Bittan Market is the most suitable place for purchasing vegetables. Besides these, there are several other shopping areas. From the roadside markets, one can purchase handmade articles at a reasonable rate by bargaining. Vegetables and fruits and all type of household products can be available on doorsteps by online, home delivery is also in Bhopal are:

Ondoor: Online Grocery Shopping

Vegetables get online; Ondoor service is good for those who don’t want to go outside for groceries and vegetables. Can get their service within 3 hrs. Here you get many options to choose the product, whatever you want; their services are very fast, its best platform for shipping.

Fresh Vegetables at Bhopalbazar

The Bhopal bazaar provides quality product and fast delivery and good service.


The service of the big basket is very good, everyone uses this service, they take 1 day to deliver the product, but the product is always good, Customer service of the Big basket is very good. Time is a very important thing in the big basket they come in time, on time, deliver the product after one day, Quality of Big basket product is a quite good, they do not compromise on quality. They have the mobile app and web it a user-friendly anyone can handle this web site and mobile app at without any difficulty.

Hypercity Shopping Store

Things which are required for daily use or daily needs are available, and it’s fresh too. Every time you get some discounts also in every product, even they provide home services delivery.

Reliance Market

This also another and very famous in the Bhopal, products are in wholesale rate. It is a good place to get your monthly grocery, stationery, clothes, some electronic items, fresh vegetables, cosmetic products, and frozen foods are also available at wholesale price.

D- Mart Store

Great discounts in each of the products, a wide range of products are there, nice store Clean & spacious. One stop destination for Garment Footwear section is also available daily household products. Free parking facility. It’s a fully furnished new store.

Walmart Store

Perfect Walmart store for shopping. Best quality products and service security. Perfect management and customer service. Availability of all types of consumer goods as well as home delivery options for customers.

Reliance Fresh

It’s the best place for household shopping, now it supplies bakery item also, You may get everything related to daily use, Staffs nicely behave well, All daily needs can be simply found, grocery list along with other things for the home are available in any quantity, Nice place to get all the glossaries except the non-vegetarian stuff like Godrej chicken Nuggets, frozen chicken, kebab,  etc. you won’t get, but potato nuggets, French fries ready-made you may get.


A good supermarket to get all your household needs. Good supermarket to get all your household needs, good variety of items right from grocery items to kid’s gifts to kitchenware, Best store, staff very helpful and supportive, fresh fruits and vegetables at cheap rates especially on Wednesday get Cheapest and quality products supermarket.

Aapoorti Store

Nice supermarket, many good varieties of options are available for shopping and purchasing.

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